Changing Spaces

Changing Spaces

To call interior decorator Glynis Wood’s portfolio “eclectic” is an understatement.

For one project you might find a modern man- cave with a colorful LED-lit staircase flanked by taxidermy. On the next, a rustic kitchen outfitted with lots of neutral color and clean lines. Each project has its own merits and everything is dif- ferent, but Wood’s greatest strength as a design- er lies in her chameleon-like ability to channel her clients’ style.

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After working as a social worker, Wood founded her interior design firm back in 2004. Similar to most trade professionals in design she didn’t find interior decoratoring—instead it found her.

“I was buying homes and remodeling them when my friend asked me to design her home and I thought ‘OK, it comes easy to me, why not?’” She remembers how quickly it snowballed into more and more work based on word of mouth from that project alone.

“I didn’t have a Rolodex of names but I knew I wanted to do my own thing and had my own unique vision, and I think people really saw the value in that so they kept calling.” That vision included preserving the craft of carefully curated interiors and helping clients find a style that best suits them. Nothing is out of bounds for Wood.

Following your heart is a mantra that most de- signers abide by religiously, but her philosophy in design is carved out with a graceful touch that actually tugs at the strings of the heart and pulls you in.

“As a former social worker, I work with varying personalities all the time but I see a common thread in design and social work,” she says. “Ultimately, I’m just trying to create a very func- tional, beautiful and peaceful home by getting to know them.”

Fostering transparent relationships with clients is paramount with Wood. She’s a very spirited in- dividual and it shows. She listens intently, hang- ing on to your every word with a smile that fills

a room with an inspirational charge. Speaking of inspiration, you don’t have to look far to see where she gets hers from.

“I get my inspiration from anything and everything,” she says. “Nature is so impor- tant to me and I try to add elements of it mixed with modern and classic that still feel warm.”

Her office, located at 1201 24th St. is an accurate illustration of what she refers to as listening to what speaks to you. A zebra print cowhide rug is tucked under a sleek white designer desk, which is flanked by a cobalt blue chandelier. Antiques are mixed with modern pieces. Commercial size win- dows allow plenty of sunlight to pour in.

The eclectic mix makes her a chameleon of sorts but that’s her style. Not really able to define it, yet still very familiar.

Being able to mold a specific style that’s unique to the client’s needs is no easy task either. That’s why she stresses the impor- tance of drawing from various areas of expertise to make a design work.

To achieve a beautiful and functional space, Wood insists that collaboration is key, whether with architects, friends or artists. “You can’t ignore architecture; it’s what activates the interior,” she says. Today, however, “everything’s become so special- ized,” Wood says. “You’ve got to collaborate if you’re going to create great interiors.” After all, as she likes to say, it’s all about connecting with people and making lasting relationships.

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