Clearing the Refrigerator Door: Showcasing Children’s Art

Refrigator ArtThe refrigerator door is not a bad place to hang your child’s art but it’s an even better destination for report cards, photos and magnet calendars.

That’s because Wexel Art—a single panel acrylic that’s held together by heavy-duty magnets—is a new generation of framing that showcases art easily and lets you change it just as often as your child digs into the Crayolas in class.

It was designed when an artist and an entrepreneur in Austin faced the challenge of displaying kids’ art collections in a clean and modern way. It’s a simple solution the elevates what’s on display.

“You say acrylic and I say magnet,” Morgan Kimble, co- founder of Wexel Art said. “We decided to crack the code behind acrylic and magnets and we came up with this.”

There’s nothing more precious than children’s art. Kimble and co-founder Natasha McRee know the importance of offering a venue space—other than the refrigerator door—to showcase work. After all, as Kimble said, art is made to be seen. Just because paintings or drawings were created by a child doesn’t exactly mean they should look like they were hung by one.

Whether your child makes 50 sketches a day or one a month modernizing toddler art and arranging it throughout the house has never been easier. So reclaim your refrigerator door and let your child’s work shine.

Wexel Art
Natasha McRee
Morgan Kimble