Healthy Eating In A Hurry

Healthy Eating In A Hurry
“My Fit Foods” Delivers A Fast Food Alternative

WE KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING. You’ve read the headline before to this story, promising a fool- proof way to eat your way out of any unhealthy diet simply by eating what you want, and at this very minute you are saying: Who in his right mind would want to eat healthy all the time though? Well, we have a question for your question: Who wouldn’t?

Most people think fast is synonymous with unhealthy when it comes to food, however health food in a hurry is trend that’s busting guts into shape. Don’t believe us? Just ask personal trainer and certified nutritionist, Mario L. Mendias who founded My Fit Foods with one simple goal in mind, “Eat fit. Live Fit.”

My Fit Foods

Customers at My Fit Foods on Bee Caves Road in Westlake

As a trainer, Mendias found that his clients could not get the results they wanted, simply due to their poor eating habits.

“Eighty percent of your results come from nutrition,” Mendias said in an issued statement, meaning exercise alone cannot yield results. Even though he encouraged his clients to eat healthy, he realized that people either do not have the time to prepare healthy food or are simply in the dark about proper nutrition. He made it his goal to make those resources available.

My Fit Foods features more than 45 meals on the menu that are cooked seven days per week, 24 hours a day, 362 days a year. The company offers pre-portioned meals and snacks, and everything comes with a side of encouragement. They’re nifty for anyone who lacks the time to cook, or who struggles with the desire to add extra butter, salt and cheese.

It’s interesting to note that they market their food and services as a lifestyle as well. You’ll get a discount if you order

three full weeks of meals, plus fitness tips or even a customized program to meet your needs. That’s right, there’s a trainer on staff who can recommend exercise programs in addition to meals.

But how do they taste?

David Knoll, a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness says it’s surprisingly tasty but like anything else it’s key to change up the dishes. The meals are hearty, reasonably priced and generally packed with flavor.

With these meals, you get all the benefits of a personal chef and nutritionist for a price less than that of a footlong Subway meal. My Fit Foods’ preservative-free, low-fat meals are almost faster than a supermarket self- checkout.

My Fit Foods

How does it works?

Food can be ordered in advance for pickup or delivery or purchased directly from the stores. Categories include breakfasts, meals with healthy carbs, low-carb meals and snacks for weight management. The 21-Day Challenge geared at changing dietary habits includes meals, snacks and free nutritional counseling.

The four storefront operations around Austin have large refrigerators filled with packaged food for customers to choose meals individually or have them delivered right to their door. Meals normally average $7 a meal per person (price will fluctuate according to portion size).

My Fit Foods

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