Less can be More

SmartlipoLess can be More
A ‘smart’ way to get the body you want.

Typically, when people want to get in shape, they change their habits. They modify their lifestyle—a better diet and physical fitness regimen. Exercise classes, a daily 6 a.m. run or bike ride and healthy eating often become part of their new routine. But changing old habits is hard, and continuing these practices go by the wayside sometimes, no matter how much you try to be diligent. There is an easier way, with faster results that work. Fortunately, there’s a new and effective medical procedure called Smartlipo. It’s a method to get the sculpted body that you want—effortlessly, pain-free and in the long run, cost-effective. Smartlipo provides you with all the qualities you’re looking for in a treatment, with permanent results.

Smartlipo is a non-aggressive surgical procedure, involving local anesthesia that’s used on the areas being reduced. The main goal of the Smartlipo laser, or any of the lasers and other liposuction devices, is to tighten the skin.

According to Dr. Gregory Nikolaidis, a cosmetic surgeon for Westlake Dermatology, “the advantage that Smartlipo has is that you are putting the laser fiber underneath, rather than on top of the skin.” This allows you to theoretically have more control and improve the smoothness of the skin. “The more skin contraction you get, the better the results. These new lasers make the results better for 99 percent of our patients. They tend to have smoother, tighter skin, is what we have observed.”

After speaking with Nikolaidis, we learned that the goal for any cosmetic surgical tool is that you always want something that will make the outcome more predictable and more consistent. That is what the Smartlipo laser does. However, as he pointed out, the most important thing in the whole formula is the doctor performing the liposuction.


Dr. Cameron Craven, Dr. Gregory Nikolaidis and Dr. Kyle Coleman

As Nikolaidis stated, “if you don’t get the liposuction right, then it doesn’t matter what kind of lasers you use. You have to be good at doing liposuction first and foremost, and have a good understanding of what the lasers can and cannot do. It’s a skill. It’s a matter of finding someone who is experienced and who knows that the laser won’t do the procedure on its own.”

When asked about being referred to as the “cosmetic guru,” Nikolaidis replied, “I wouldn’t say I am the guru. If anything my partners, Dr. [Cameron] Craven and Dr. [Kyle] Coleman, are the gurus.” Modesty in a doctor, impressive. It’s safe to say that the three of them, together, do their part to complement the liposuction procedures offered at Westlake Dermatology.

“We have a lot of experience; between me and Dr. Craven, we have probably done over 400 Smartlipo procedures.”

The Smartlipo procedure most commonly targets the fat in those hard-to-lose areas like your mid-section—the abdomen and waist. We were told that women tend to focus more on their inner and outer thighs, while men are more likely to utilize Smartlipo on their tummy and chest. Additional areas the doctors at Westlake Dermatology focus on are arms and neck liposuctions.

What are the risks involved in Smartlipo? The risks are the same for anyone thinking about having liposuction of any type: you need to be healthy and have a strong heart. As with any surgical procedure, consult your personal physician first, there are risks of bleeding, scarring and infection with this procedure.

The surgical team at Westlake Dermatology takes pride in their work. It’s part art and part skill; not merely having the right tools but also the experience to back their positive results.

Liposuction is not for everybody, but Smartlipo offers you a great alternative for achieving your ideal image. Deciding you want to feel good is the first step. The next step is finding the approach that’s right for you and your needs.