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Visions of Grandeur

When Thad Anderson and his wife Tracey spotted their future home over a year ago, it was easy to dismiss it based on its curb appeal. But at the same time it was difficult to deny what it could offer them; a new way of living.

More specifically, it was the beginning of a new lifestyle for the Anderson family.

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W Hotel Austin

The W Austin Hotel & Residences doesn’t want you to forget that you’re still in Austin. Despite the concrete exterior of the building and the metropolitan sleekness that it might exude, it’s very clear that The W is deeply grounded in the spirit and holistic vibe of Austin.

“This is it,” account executive Reid Schwartz said. “Welcome to The W Austin.”

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Interior Design & Landscaping

Changing Spaces
For one project you might find a modern man- cave with a colorful LED-lit staircase flanked by taxidermy. On the next, a rustic kitchen outfitted with lots of neutral color and clean lines. Each project has its own merits and everything is different, but Wood’s greatest strength as a design- er lies in her chameleon-like ability to channel her clients’ style.

Infusing Your Living Room with Spring Zest
Revamp your living room in an inexpensive way that will be an inspiring and new space to really live in. Here are easy suggestions to consider if you’re looking to usher in a fresh and vibrant spatial redesign for your living room for under $500.

Like Mother, Like Son: Decorum Home + Design design duo talks design
Decorum Home + Design offers fresh and sophisticated designs that blend traditional and modern furniture lines. The store offers a curated selection of rugs, sofas, chairs, tables and lighting, with custom selections available via special order.

The Whole 9 Yards
With all the attention “Going Green” has generated among homeowners and builders, there has been a tendency to concentrate too much on the house. The land around even the simplest home offers many opportunities. With a well- produced landscaping project, anyone can help keep their energy costs down while also increasing the value of their property.

Health & Beauty

Healthy Eating In A Hurry
“My Fit Foods” Delivers A Fast Food Alternative
WE KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING. You’ve read the headline before to this story, promising a fool- proof way to eat your way out of any unhealthy diet simply by eating what you want, and at this very minute you are saying: Who in his right mind would want to eat healthy all the time though? Well, we have a question for your question: Who wouldn’t?

Slow Food: A whole new meaning to eating slow
Slowing down might be the fastest way to healthy living. Literally.

Running the Final Stretch: Yoga Techniques for Runners
by: Yogi Jenna Marasco
Whether you’re gearing up for the next RunTex 5k or you’re just jogging to get blood flowing you can reach peak performance by bending and stretching your way through specific leg techniques.

Less can be More
A ‘smart’ way to get the body you want.
Typically, when people want to get in shape, they change their habits. They modify their lifestyle—a better diet and physical fitness regimen. Exercise classes, a daily 6 a.m. run or bike ride and healthy eating often become part of their new routine. But changing old habits is hard, and continuing these practices go by the wayside sometimes, no matter how much you try to be diligent. There is an easier way, with faster results that work. Fortunately, there’s a new and effective medical procedure called Smartlipo.

Fashion & Shopping

Spring into action..with these powerful looks
The ritz and glam of Studio 54 is coming back into style with a bang. Think Bianca Jagger, sashaying into the club in a Halston frock that shimmers with the light and clings to her frame. For fabrics, try things with a glimmering sheen or with maximum draping potential like satin and silk. During the daylight hours, opt for high-waisted, wide-leg trousers paired with a bow-tie blouse

What’s Personal Style?
Let’s be honest, putting together a wardrobe— much less an outfit—is no easy feat. The gravity of the situation is heavy; identifying the unique style that’s hidden within us all can be overwhelming. Luckily, the image consultants want to offer you the tools to discover the person you may be hiding on the inside.

Etsy Shopping: Putting Money Where Your Mouse Is
It’s no surprise that Austin’s trendy elite do most of their commerce online: it’s a natural fit where women are unearthing fashion gems and handmade crafts of all kinds. Especially vintage. That’s where Etsy comes into play.

Why the iPad2 has us all in a tizzy
When the tech world flocked to Austin for the interactive portion of South By Southwest, Apple capitalized on the fervor and set up a pop-up shop for the first day of the festival (also the day the iPad 2 went on sale). Crowds swarmed and lines formed so people could get their hands on the product. And why? Well, simply put, it’s awesome.

Family, Weddings & Events

Nola Wellman, Trailblazer Extraordinaire
Ask anyone about Eanes Independent School District and you will most likely hear a laundry list of sports achievements, such as their notable 26 state championships in nine different sports. But that is not entirely the whole story. All nine schools in EISD are rated Exemplary—the highest designation possible—in the Texas Education Agency’s 2009 accountability ratings, marking the second consecutive year for that accomplishment. The district’s overall state is Exemplary, making Eanes ISD one of just two 5A districts in the state to receive that designation in 2009. Only 9.5 percent of districts statewide were rated Exemplary.

The Habibi Wedding

Westlake Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Gala

The Eanes Education Foundation’s 12th Annual Gala

Clearing the Refrigerator Door: Showcasing Children’s Art