Visions of Grandeur

Visions of Grandeur

When Thad Anderson and his wife Tracey spotted their future home over a year ago, it was easy to dismiss it based on its curb appeal. But at the same time it was difficult to deny what it could offer them; a new way of living.

More specifically, it was the beginning of a new lifestyle for the Anderson family.

Visions of Grandeur“Sustainable living was just appealing for us,” Thad said. “We only wanted to consume what we needed.” Minimizing everything–from home size and energy usage to the travel time to get to places–became the pillar in which they would work to renovate their new home and leave their green thumbprint for the rest of the neighborhood to notice.

Thad is the owner of Capstone Custom Homes who focuses on building green while his wife,Tracey is an interior designer. As seasoned veterans in the custom home industry, it was almost instinctive for them to buy and flip the home, but they knew this purchase was going to be a long-term one. After moving six times in the last eight years Thad and Tracey realized what was most important for their family.

Visions of Grandeur“Sustainable living and proximity is quickly becoming a bigger part of America’s dialogue and Austin is at the forefront of that conversation,” he said. “We made this decision based on that and there was huge potential with this home. The location is everything and if you have the right location, you can build the rest.”

The house at the 1500 block of Spring Garden Rd. is well-situated in a mostly upscale neighborhood of Westlake. It feels peaceful and inviting thanks to the neighborhood’s updated transitional craftsman-style.

Visions of Grandeur “We wanted to fit into the warm appeal of the established neighborhood,” Thad said. “A more modern home would stand out too much so we knew that was out of the question.”

When you walk in the front door you first notice sleek hardwoods that lead to an open floor plan with windows everywhere possible allowing more natural light. With the goal in mind to create a five-star green home, features were added that include two tankless water heaters, wood windows for optimal insulation, icynene spray foam insulation in all walls and attic spaces to seal the envelope of the home.

Visions of Grandeur

All lighting fixtures are energy star compliant for efficient use. Reclaimed materials were used all over as well, and they are currently planning to install solar panels. The home was given a five-star rating by Austin Energy.

The exterior stone walls, reclaimed wood floors and interior finishes in shades of brown were borrowed from the outdoors. These touches make the home feel warm, inviting, textural and heighten the sense of harmony and continuity throughout.

When asked what was the most exciting part of the renovation project, Thad said that their neighbors paid close attention to the energy and effort that went into the build and set a standard for home maintenance.

“We received several phone calls from neighbors who told us they appreciate what we’re doing with our home.” Their work left a positive impact on others and they helped kick-start a trend of home improvement in the neighborhood.

When it’s all said and done, downsizing from a $1 million home and investing $200,000 into remodeling this home has certainly paid off for the Andersons.

“I’m delighted to know that most homeowners I talk to now want to know what energy saving features they can include in their home,” he said.

He’s excited to be a part of something that has such a large, positive impact on our city and environment.

Visions of Grandeur