What’s Personal Style?

What’s Personal Style?

Let’s be honest, putting together a wardrobe— much less an outfit—is no easy feat. The gravity of the situation is heavy; identifying the unique style that’s hidden within us all can be overwhelming. Luckily, the image consultants want to offer you the tools to discover the person you may be hiding on the inside.

“It’s about helping you find the tools to reveal your natural beauty and assets that will make you more confident,” Kennedy said. “Everyone has a personal style. I help you make the most with what you’ve got.”

“Making the most with what you’ve got” is the adage behind finding your own style, but it’s easier said than done. We’ve all been there before: You sift through your closet and it seems more lackluster than a manila envelope on a beige wall.

So, what can you do? Donate your wardrobe to charity? Shop for new clothes? Get a makeover? Well, if you ask these ladies the answer’s easy: Don’t be afraid of who you are. Wood, a signature stylist and image consultant, encourages you to embrace your inner self and believes a personal stylist can play a vital role in facilitating positive growth.

“I help you understand your personality with customized guides and help define how you want to be perceived,” Wood said.

Personal Style

LIsa Kennedy (left) styles the hair of bride, Celina Darnel | Photo by Jeff Loftin

According to her, a person registers your personal style and forms opinions based on that within three seconds of meeting you for the first time. Their first impression of you may impact how they view you in the future. If you frequently network, it’s important to be aware of what your style is conveying to others.

Wood helps clients align their personalities, lifestyles and goals with their appearance, so they send an honest and cohesive message about their values and aspirations.

A signature style acts like a constellation by connecting the dots from who you are to how you want people to perceive you, thus forming a memorable image of yourself. So, image consultants strive to make your first impression amazing every time.

“It’s a detailed process of defining and getting your signature style right,” she said. The entire process begins with a complimentary image assessment.

“I start with the basics,” Kennedy said. “I take a look at what your image concerns and needs are and then I offer a style analysis and a color analysis. We select colors specific to you and show you how to match it to your wardrobe selection, taking into account the right fabrics and fits for your body type, too.”

Your signature style should transcend external perceptions and influence how you perceive yourself. Not only do Wood and Kennedy want you to look beautiful, they want you to feel beautiful.

Even if a woman doesn’t think image consulting is a service they need, she believes they can make a real impact. Hiring an image consultant is a cost-effective investment that will save time and money in the long run— buying unflattering clothes that aren’t compatible with your personality.

A great image consultant or stylist helps you produce a more positive appearance while remaining true to yourself. They put together an image that expresses your unique personality, also known as your “brand.” This is achieved through hairstyle, jewelry, shoes and clothing—the essential elements.

A stylist assembles all of the ingredients and incorporates your lifestyle and your brand into the mix. Stylists are capable of pushing you beyond your sartorial limits, while making sure that you are pleased with your new image—whether it’s a more polished look or something less mundane.

“A personal stylist helps people break out of their shells,” Kennedy said. “With the tools I provide, the goal is to eventually get you comfortable with evolving it.”

The most satisfying part about being an image consultant, according to Kennedy, is making people feel positive and confident.

“I encourage clients to not be afraid of who they are and to be honest with themselves,” she said. “In turn, it really makes a difference in people’s lives. I’m basically helping them become who they already are on the inside. It’s so gratifying.”

For Wood, the most fulfilling part of being a personal stylist is creating first impressions that last.

“I get satisfaction knowing that I’m helping someone feel better about themselves by making them more confident and positive about how others might see them,” Wood said. “We all have unique physical and personality traits—that’s what creates character. Embrace it!”

10 Style Commandments
from Lisa Kennedy & Thea Wood

Lisa Kennedy

Lisa Kennedy

Lisa Says:

1 Don’t be afraid to try it on. Explore new looks to tame your inner diva.

2 No matter what you are wearing, your confidence shines through. S trut like you are on the runway wherever you are, even if it’s the grocery store.

3 Don’t look at the number on the tag. A size 4 in one store can be a size 8 in another store. Ladies, you are all a 10 out of 10

4 Embrace color and patterns that match your body colors (hair, skin and eyes). Chances are you already have enough black in your closet. Put it down!

5 The best color for your scarf, handbag, umbrella, earrings or necklace is the color of your eyes. Don’t be shy, flaunt your eye!

Thea Wood

Thea Wood

Thea Says:

1 Wearing the right colors is just as important as wearing the right designs.

2 Your smile is your best accessory, wear it as often as possible.

3 Fit is king, not the size or the label.

4 Budget for alterations. “R eady-to-wear” is a misnomer.

5 Your style should reflect your personality and values.

To to set up a Complimentary Image Assessment at Kennedy Style, go to www.kennedystyle.com, fill out the online form and a representative of the salon will contact you. For a free introductory image assessment with Thea Wood, call (512) 217-9869 or email thea@theawood.com. To learn more about her, visit her blog at www.austinpersonalstylist.com.